Adagio: Ti Kuan Yin

Vendor: Adagio

Variety: Oolong; Ti Kuan Yin

Price: $24.00 (4 oz. tin) / $6.00 (sample)

  • Vegetal and buttery top note
  • Floral hints
  • No bitterness or astringency
  • Complex taste and aroma
  • Whole, medium-sized leaves
  • Moderately smooth

Conclusion: This tea wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t purchase it again. The flavor profile did not suit my tastes. Plus, Adagio offers many better tasting teas for less half the price of this Ti Kuan Yin. However, the tea’s complexity makes it a good learning tool for those who want to improve their brewing skills. Every cup of this TKY tasted different. By tweaking water temperature and steep time, I was able to turn down the vegetal and buttery notes (which I dislike), and intensify the tea’s pleasantly orchid-like flavors. I will probably purchase higher grades of Ti Kuan Yin once I have improved my brewing ability. This was an illuminating introduction to TKY, for a reasonable price. In short, Adagio’s Ti Kuan Yin is a good buy for anyone looking to experiment with a complex, green oolong.

Rating: 2.0 / 5.0

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