Harney and Sons: East Frisian

Vendor: Harney and Sons

Variety: Black; Assam Base, with Darjeeling and Ceylon

Price: $6.50 (4 oz. tin) / $2.00 (sample)

  • Thick body
  • No bitterness or astringency
  • Goes great with milk, sugar, or honey
  • Faint and rather nondescript aroma
  • Bland, but hearty, flavor profile
  • Lacks complexity
  • Malty top note
  • Slight peppery, biscuity aftertaste
  • Small, broken leaves

Conclusion: Harney’s East Frisian, like many other Assam blends, makes a good breakfast tea. Its nondescript flavor won’t interfere with the flavor of food, but it may be too bland to drink by itself. The liquor is remarkably thick and smooth. The feeling in the mouth is akin to that of whole milk. I’d love to try this tea with sausage and bacon, but I probably won’t revisit it for standalone tasting.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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